Code of Conduct

As members of the Central Public School community, students, staff and community members wish the atmosphere throughout our school to be conducive to learning, student growth, and development. We expect it to be one of friendliness, kindness, consideration of others and respect for the dignity of the individual. We expect everyone in our school to behave responsibly, be considerate of individual differences, be fair in their expectations of others, exhibit good work habits and have responsible expectations for their achievement and the achievements of others. Everyone is expected to model appropriate behaviour in our school. We welcome an interested community and hope that families will support the students by encouraging regular, punctual attendance and good work habits, and by showing an interest in their progress.


A school is a place that promotes responsibility, respect, civility, tolerance, courtesy and academic excellence in a safe and inclusive learning environment. All students, parents, teachers, staff and administration have the right to be safe, and to feel safe, in their school community. With this comes the responsibility of all the partners to be law-abiding citizens and to be accountable for any actions that put the safety of others and oneself at risk.


ALL people in our school are expected to:

  • show respect for the authority of school personnel including administrators, teachers, educational assistants, early childhood educators, custodial staff, office staff, volunteers, supervisors, bus drivers, maintenance workers, co-op students, etc.
  • be respectful of ethnic, racial, religious, cultural, physical, intellectual, linguistic and sexual differences, or disabilities
  • show courtesy and respect for the feelings, personal space, and property of others
  • be caring, considerate, and co-operative
  • demonstrate proper care for the school’s property, equipment, and the belongings of others
  • use appropriate language for the school environment
  • leave potentially dangerous items or weapons of any kind at home
  • attend class regularly, punctually and be prepared for learning       
  • complete all assignments and duties to the best of their ability in a timely manner

 STUDENTS are also expected to:

  • remain on school property at all times unless otherwise directed by a school authority
  • dismount from bicycles, scooters, and skateboards and to remove roller blades once they reach school property

 **  bicycles, scooters, skateboards and rollerblades are not to be used on school property and should be walked to, and stored at, the bicycle racks provided


Our goal is to assist students in understanding that they are responsible for their behaviour. It is important for them to be in control of their actions and their words, and to be supported as they learn the skills to effectively do this.

 The use of fair, natural and logical consequences is a respectful and encouraging way to teach responsibility and respect for self and others. Central adheres to the board’s Progressive Discipline Policy. Such consequences might include:


-a warning

-time out

-walking with playground supervisor

-directed conference

-loss of privileges

-contact with parent or guardian

-an interview with teacher(s), counsellor(s),

administration, superintendent

-referral to outside agencies

-change in program delivery model

-withdrawal from the work or play



-making restitution

-behaviour contracts

-suspension from school



The above Code of Conduct is in place inside the building, on school property, on the buses and during all school field trips. The Code of Conduct applies to all people who are at the above locations.